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    I thought I'd post this before I retreat here.
    Long story short, I set up Ubuntu on my laptop, got all the way past the part where I webdoctored the touchpad to get it ready for the partition. After the "mount -a" I was getting a fstab error... so I thought I'd reboot. It was instinct to type reboot while connected to the shell (in linux). And it rebooted, and it has never stopped (hp logo bootlooping).

    I've held the power, and middle button. Power, volume down, middle (that turns it off?).
    I have it plugged into usb right now with webdoctor open, but it's sitting with a gray "next" button, as it doesn't recognize it's connected.

    Anyone have any ideas? .. super bummed.
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    In this thread I found:

    Quote Originally Posted by rwhitby View Post
    First put the device into recovery mode, then memboot the device using the installer uImage (extracted from your webOS Doctor jar and copied into the SDK bin folder):

    cd C:\Program Files (x86)\Palm\SDK\bin
    novacom boot mem:// < nova-installer-image-castle.uImage

    After it boots, run novaterm:


    Once connected to the device, type:

    lvm.static vgscan --ignorelockingfailure
    lvm.static vgchange -ay --ignorelockingfailure

    then type:

    mkdosfs -f 1 -s 64 /dev/store/media

    Once that completes, put the device back into recovery mode and run the webOS Doctor.

    -- Rod
    If I remember correctly, in order for you to get into recovery mode, you have to press and hold the Power and Home button for about 15 seconds until it turns off(which simulates the battery pull) and as quickly as you can press and hold the volume up button until a giant USB symbol shows up on the screen.

    I haven't found myself in this situation with any device, so not the best person to ask, but that's what I found for you.
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    thank you thank you thank you.

    The recovery mode shortcut was helpful in itself, just to break the bootloop. Luckily, webosdoctor was able to run successfully after that. Really appreciate it. couldn't even sleep last night

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