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    no idea if anyone knows but what is the difference between the UK and France app stores? Or the US one. I am in Belgium so I have to pick either the UK, France, or Germany. My problem is that I am an English speaker but my wife is a French speaker. Is the difference only language? Can I get English language apps in the France store? Which has more apps? Am I right that the UK catalog will charge me in Pounds instead of Euros?

    I am hoping for advice before I jump. I don't want to play games in French, but I don't want to pay in British pounds either. The German app catalog seems to have a kindle app, the UK no, etc etc. This sucks... Save me Internet

    I hate that HP makes me pick one for life. All three countries are part of the European Union and are part of the single market. This makes no sense.

    thanks for your help or links. I tried to google this with no luck.

    cheers from Belgium
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    The country you have a creditcard from
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    Quote Originally Posted by somline View Post
    The country you have a creditcard from
    I have a Belgian CC which works on all three!!!
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    not sure if this will help your decision or not

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