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  • Sent it back better than before (fully repaired)

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    13 24.53%
  • Sent a replacement device in exchange with no problems whatsoever!

    6 11.32%
  • Sent a replacement device in exchange that's also defective - WTH?

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    i had orange dots all over my screen after 2 weeks. I sent them the touchpad and received within a week. Happy
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    Quote Originally Posted by Joe_T View Post
    Is there a link to track the repair status?
    Found this link, not sure if it's well known but here is where you can check your repair status:
    Last name is case sensitive.
    I'm not sure I want to click that link... but here is palm's SRO self service.

    Input your SRO number and last name and you should see the information.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lafester View Post
    Not going to double post but just came back to vote in the poll. Got my tp back fully repaired 15 days after sending it in. Did not receive any email letting me know it was coming... too. All is working fine.
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    Well got mine back and have the same exact problems. guess i'm going to have to send it back for repair again.................................
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    I ordered two of them, one has been sent off for repair already.

    Problem was the control for the volume up and down was stuck, sent it off and it arrived back after 5 days and guess what it is still the exact same as I sent it in.
    So dealing with HP india again to get it repaired again.

    The other one works fine..
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    I've heard the 'hotlist' thing over and over. Its been over a month of waiting for me. Mine wouldn't turn on or respond to any button press combination, etc. I never got a chance to play with it, or even take it out of its plastic. I bought from Best Buy and they wiped their hands of it once I walked out the door, otherwise I would have just exchanged that day.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Infinite Jest View Post
    I'm not sure I want to click that link... but here is palm's SRO self service.

    Input your SRO number and last name and you should see the information.
    Link is ok; that's like tinyurl thing I used (lots of us android guys use it). Same link
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    I just got it back exactly 1 month to the day from when I sent it to them (yesterday). I called the support center multiple times (it's located in Singapore) and was given the constant run around by people who barely spoke english, though they'd made the effort to hide their accents. It felt like pulling teeth trying to explain my problem.

    (My problem is they cancelled my original order number and gave me a new one, however, I'd already sent my touchpad off using the old number. Try explaining that to someone who's english is iffy at best)

    Each time I called I was told that my order/problem would be fasttracked and put on some sort of super VIP emergency list (hotlist I think they called it) and told to call back in 24 hours. Each time I called back in 24/48 I'd get the same responses.

    Whatever, I'm just happy I got it back. Mine bricked 20 minutes after started it up (yes it is possible to brick them no matter what people tell you otherwise here). I would give poor ratings to their customer support but I don't care enough to complain in any official manner.
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    Got a replacement device with a cluster of dead pixels about the size of this smiley Fortunately, I was offered an Advanced Exchange without expense. Hope the next replacement comes quicker than the first.
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    I got my same device back and the screen and rubber grommet is lifted a little at the bottom near the menu button. When I push down on it it feels like it's trying to catch something to hold it in place but it lifts back up. Not sure if it's something I should return or not.
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    Sent mine put for repair for a blown speaker. Got it back last night and not a damned thing was fixed. Same speaker is still blown out.

    Really, how hard is it to look at the RO notes and see what the customer reported at issue and test that? It's pretty obvious what a blown speaker sounds like; crackling, tinny audio. You can hear it all the time.

    Losing faith in HP at this moment.

    Posted by iPhone4 via Tapatalk
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    I asked a reliable source* at HP webOS to check the status of my advanced exchange and was told there were ZERO devices on-hand as of two days ago. No definite delivery date can be provided for anyone currently in queue for the AE Program. Issues with warranty repair are said to be due to a lack of parts and a shortage of technicians; both of which, "should be resolved by next week."

    *speaking off the record, not an official corporate statement.
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    I got one from an 'official' Ebay seller in the UK that turned out to be a US stock unit. My unit has cracked around the speakers and since the US units have a different chassis (with the pop out Serial Number Tab) I have to send it back to the Ebay seller who'll send it to the States under warranty.

    All in all it's going to be a 5 week turn around from the day I post it! I wouldn't mind but I don't have any issues with my unit other than the cracked chassis around the speaker...i'd hate to be sent a refurbed number with a dodgy screen / dead pixels and other issues as a replacement. Plus, having to wait for well over a month for HP to resolve their manufacturing defect is out of order IMO. HP should compensate with an HP app store credit.

    I'm not sure if i'll even bother sending it back? (it's a real pain that HP EU (Hungary) can't fix or send US units away directly for repair).
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    This is a lengthy saga.

    Back in December I had an issue where one part of my Touchpad screen was unresponsive to touch. I contacted Palm support and they agreed that it was a warranty-covered issue. I opted for the advance-replacement ($59) and received a new (refurbished) device shortly thereafter. I realized about a week later that my replacement was missing a camera. It isn't that it didn't work, it literally wasn't installed. I immediately contacted Palm again to tell them they needed to send me a device with a camera and I wasn't going to dealing with that $59 nonsense again because it was their screw-up. The woman tried to charge me again for the advanced replacement and I needed my tablet for school so I couldn't be without it. I decided to suck it up and deal with it until the end of the semester.

    Fast-forward to 3 weeks ago when, realizing my warranty would expire soon, I decided to take care of my missing camera issue. I jumped through the tech-support hoops and sent my tablet off for repair. Yesterday, I received a device in the mail. I immediately realized it was a refurbished device again (different from the one I had sent) because our school network wouldn't accept it (we have to register MAC addresses for anything to access the network). I didn't care about it being different as long as it worked fine. While transferring my files from my previous device to the new one, I suddenly realized I was missing 16GB of memory. They had sent me a 16GB device to replace my 32GB one.

    SO I just got off the phone with Indian Tech Support and lo and behold, according to their records, I was sent the same device I had sent them. Despite the obvious fact of lacking 16GB of memory and having a completely different serial number, the woman insisted I must have made a mistake and even suggested that perhaps a friend of mine had played a trick on me.

    Yes. She SERIOUSLY said that.

    Long story short, they escalated my issue to the next tier of support (which apparently is only accessible via email, because they aren't allowed to have phones) and I have to wait until Tuesday next week while they "investigate" my claim. Nobody has acknowledged that they screwed up and nobody has assured me that anything is going to be resolved. I'm furious right now.

    If anyone has guidance for how I might get a resolution (or even get someone on the phone from the infamous El Paso repair facility) I would appreciate it. I'm really not optimistic right now.

    Tony P.
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    sent my touchpad for repair for what I thought was a broken usb connector ( turns out it was the usb cable ) so 7 days after I sent the 1st touchpad off for repair I received a replacement tablet not only did it have same problem but "THE VOLUME ROCKER DIDN'T WORK" so I called 1800 number where I was even another 1800 # and another and another 7 1800# later and 4 hours on the phone ive gotten nowhere finally I get through to someone who could have me well she tell I will be charged $30 before she could help me because the replacement tablet was out of warranty...HUH? My touchpad still has a couple of months of warranty left well the replacement doesn't so I pretty much have up heart broken that I was even something that was in worst condition then the one sent off for repair by the company who makes I take to facebook and twitter with my experience I received a messege from eddie of @hpsupport he tells me to follow them on twitter and send them a direct messege so I did so he sends a messege to hp and told me to wait for a phone call which is from las vegas it didn't say hp or palm so just look out for a las vegas 1800 they go all of my info said to wait for an email with a phone # call that number give them the order number sent in the email and they will send you a box to return the touchpad from fedex not ups this time 9 days later which was last monday I received another touchpad but the usb cable still wasn't working so I used usb cable from a phone and it worked so I contacted eddie again from hp support on twitter got a phone call ordered the cable should be receiving it sometime in the next 2 days so what I'm trying to say is USE TWITTER the 1800 # will get you nowhere
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