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    This may be off topic a bit, but i have to know if anyone else is experiencing issues with their eyes after watching a movie using the touchpad?

    I used to use a portable dvd player on the bus to watch movies, shows etc. but since I got my touchpad, i have been watching my entertainment on it, but......

    Whenever i stop using it, it takes my eyes quite a bit of time to refocus on things, especially when moving.

    so i get off the bus, and then drive home... if i look out the window at let say a store sign, i cannot focus on it, it is as if my eyes are straining, etc.

    This is something i experience after using the touchpad.... not during any other circumstance, so don't tell me to get my eyes checked.

    anyone else have this issue?
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    Maybe due to the reflective screen? Find a matte screen protector?
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    Yep... My eyes are a bit wonkey afterwards, but it isn't related to the device itself, but simple eye strain you get from watching media up close on a smaller screen (instead if a regular television). At least that's what I've been told.
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    hmmm i was thinking about the reflective properties... maybe my eyes are straining to see what is on the screen and not what is reflecting....hmmmm

    never had problems with my 7 " dvd screen, so not sure if it is a size issue.
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    ya me too but then again I'm almost 50. I use my dollar store reader glasses to find what I want to watch then take them of to view the video. If I don't then I'm really screwed up. Turning brightness down helps a lot too for me.
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    If it keeps up, you might want to get your eyes checked. However,more than likely it's just eye-strain from using the TP to watch movies. I have had that problem if I watch movies on my laptop. I cured it by having the TV on in the room,so that I look up at it occasionally;that changes the focal length of my eyes. You might try looking out the bus window every couple of minutes when watching a movie,and see if that helps.
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    Hey Urokira! Can I ask how old you are? And when your last eye exam was? I'm an optometrist and having those couple questions answered will give me a better chance of answering your question.

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