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    Quote Originally Posted by thomaz View Post
    waiting that my replacement gets case cracks to have a reason to send it back
    and then i will wait that the rereplacement gets a crack
    and then i will wait that the rerereplacement gets a crack

    hp must do a major recall action and exchange all bad cases against good working ones !

    when does cnn report about hps fraud to all tp buyers ?
    With a roughly 3% return rate (which is one of the lowest for tablets, right alongside the iPad, and much lower than Android products), why would you think this is a federal case? Should CNN report on Toshiba's fraud for the Thrive's narcolepsy problem?
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    I just figured a neat trick when pre battery needs charging more than my TP so, I turn on freeteather and bluetooth, I leave my pre in the truck charging and, catch all my calls on the TP.
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    So far, mostly to read these threads to learn more about it. Otherwise - to read the news - watch YouTube - check my email. No gaming as there is not anything available that interests me. Would love to be able to play Yahoo games on thus this, but have not been able to as of yet. Watched a coup,e of videos on Crackle, which I learned about from here, and watched some previews on Amazon. Those played nicely. Use it to search for more TPs to buy as gifts, as well as other on-line shopping. Am enjoying it the more I use it - especially the sound quality. Nice to have it to play around with before falling to sleep, as I do not like having a TV in my bedroom. When I set it down on the bed, my cat uses it as her pillow; it is multifunctional. Certainly some annoyances and quirkiness with the TP, but is fine for what I will use it for. For anything more, I will simply shell out more $ for that.
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    I've been reading a bunch of comics I had on my laptop but never got around to reading in Comic Shelf HD. I'm holding off on the longer comics until the update, which is supposed to have a bookmarking or "resume where you left off" option.

    I also check my Twitter with SpazHD and have a couple search columns loaded up on it. I occasionally browse internet, have access to my documents in sugarsync and dropbox, watch some videos in KalemSoft and I've been loving the SNES emulator.

    I also bring it work sometimes and use it to load of schematics and manuals for the machines I fix. There is a tweak somewhere on precentral for improving the "fuzziness" of pdf's. It worked really well to make things more clear.
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    -- Couch browsing and taking it to bed to read a little before I drop off
    -- Some light game playing, esp. Quell and the "connect 3" style games like Sparkle & Atlantis. I have other games but do most of my gaming on my actual desktop.
    -- Streaming video via Kalemsoft; was great when I had to soak in the tub for an injury and could have my TP next to me (OUTSIDE the tub on a footstool, heh) and have all sorts of stuff at my fingertips
    -- Checking the weather in the morning (as it sits on my nightstand after my bed-browsing)
    -- I have a couple books loaded onto it via both Kindle & pReader
    -- My 11 month old loves it when I load up... ummm... forgot the name. Some neon drawing app.
    -- Streaming music via Pandora. Is nice for this as well when playing games on my desktop and don't want to Alt-Tab around to skip songs, etc.

    I have other stuff loaded on there such as movies actually stored on the HP that I just haven't been in a situation to watch them yet. And other apps that I use but aren't worth highlighting as a major function for me. I'm personally very pleased with my purchase.
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