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    First, I want to thank ncinerate, DS3, and all of the others for their hard work. Now I propose that everyone forget about making Hulu work and move efforts to other areas.

    I know this is my opinion, and it probably isn't popular, but hear me out.

    Hulu obviously doesn't want our support or money. For my part, I've already sent letters to their partners and the advertisers that I could remember.

    The second part of this is, what do they exclusively provide? Some of Hulu's partners helped me with how to watch their shows without Hulu. I also loaded VideoFlood as someone suggested in the Hulu thread (Thank you - I'm sorry that I don't remember your name). I am watching everything that I want to watch without Hulu or resorting to pirating.

    Maybe that should be the new thread. "How to watch stuff without Hulu." We can help each other find Hulu's content elsewhere.
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    It's not Hulu's fault, really, it's the content providers (ABC, NBC, CBS, etc).. Instead, use PlayOn and grab some dot-torrent files if they don't want you to see content on your device legitimately. :P
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    I fiddle with the touchpad for fun. Trying to get hulu working is just a fun diversion for me. I can count the total number of videos I've watched off hulu on my fingers, but I gain some entertainment trying to stretch the device ever further.

    A few thousand people seem to gain some use from my efforts, and, the fixes for hulu also happen to fix quite a few other sites like BBC iPlayer and espn3. Further work may lead to a simple browser agent toggle to switch between things like touchpad, iPad, windows, etc, which quite a few people might appreciate - myself included. I think I'll keep fiddling with it. ;-)
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