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    So I am going to load up the touchpad with photos of the kids and wife and wanted to confirm exactly the best size range and such.
    I am assuming if I make them smaller to match the screen resolution it will load them faster? I usually take my pictures in a large format, like 4 MB photos, so I should resize them to the native screen resolution for best performance? 1024 x 768?

    Or it really doesn't matter for the unit in terms of load times?
    Any feedback appreciated and thanks in advance.
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    what do you mean by loading them faster? do you mean loading thumbnails when you initially open the photos/videos app or when switching between pictures? i tested some photos that were 5184x3456 in resolution and they loaded in the same amount of time that it took a resized version of the same picture that was 1024x683 to load which was pretty instantaneously. they look exactly the same on the screen as well. i dont think the touchpad even shows you the full resolution of the picture. when you zoom in its noticeably grainy. you should just resize them to 1024x768 since thats the screens native resolution and the file sizes will be smaller.

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