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    i'd wait till they firesold them for 150 (yes I'd take a 100 smaller discount than on my 32gb - which was originally 550 - 400 = 150, versus 450 - 300 = 150)

    these are nice toys but untill I can run powerpoint, word, and firfox/opera/chrome on it, i still have to carry my laptop
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    I may if it were cutting edge when released. For now I really like my TP32. I would have paid up to 249 for this one. 450 is a bit steep with the current level of apps available. I know we have a lot of quality apps and don't think we need a billion or whatever the other numbers are (getting tired of seeing "get it at the app store") At 450 I think it needs to be a bit more of a laptop replacement. I still can't figure out why people get behind apple at their price level. I guess they just have their niche market status symbol thing going on.

    edit: forgot to add +1 for hdmi or some other way of getting video to the big screen
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    I will pay 500usd or 600usd but need to be added 3G
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    Wouldn't pay more than $99 for it if WebOS is still under a stone. If Gingerbread + Ice Cream Sandwich + Honeycomb + iOS + Windows 8 is supported (100%), I would pay $300. If they ask me for more than that, I would stick with a smartphone + a netbook.
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    Quote Originally Posted by muyoso View Post
    Also, my next tablet has to have ABSOLUTE full support for divx and high profile h.264 in the mkv format. So sick of software decoding and trans-coding video.
    I couldn't agree more.
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    I love WebOs but as others say the number of apps is a slight problem. The interaction with the OS is miles ahead of Android and iOS which is probably why I didn't get rid of my Day One Pre until this summer.

    The hardware needs to differentiate the machine from other platforms and that means there has to be more ports on the tablet. Give it HDMI, full size USB maybe even room for TWO full size SD Cards.

    The product needs to stand out and the lack of expansion options is a reason I didn't buy the full price version.
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