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    Let's talk hypothetically here... If Meg (and Lane) reverse Touchpad execution and they end up releasing TP Go (the 7" version that was in QA stages when the death axe came), would you buy one and what's a realistic price? Even if you already snagged a TP already.

    I sure would!!! $300-$350 for 32gb, fair price?
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    What would it give me that my TP doesn't already give me, except for 3g, which those <<mod delete>> at Sprint would probably ding me for somehow...
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    That seems to be the bar on eBay for the full size versions. Knock another $100 off and I think that would be a little closer to realistic.

    (Depends on if there were any differences in specs though ie rear camera, hdmi out, working USB for peripherals, etc.)
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    If, hypothetically, both the TP and TPGo were firesaled, I would have gladly paid $100 and chosen the Go over the larger TP.

    If I were in the market for a tablet at ordinary retail prices, I would probably favor the Go over anything else (love my Pre 2 and webOS and have enjoyed my TP, although I probably wouldn't be a tablet owner if not for the firesale since I could probably mooch off my wife's iPad for surfing and rely on my Pre 2 for synergy of my email and calendars), especially if it was at price less than the full TP and priced reasonable to other tablet offerings.
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    I'd get a couple of Go's for the older children for Xmas.

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    not if it costs more than $150
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    yes, with 4g.
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    I would really like to see a company convince consumers that a 7 inch version of their tablet is worth more than what they JUST sold a 10 inch version of their tablet for. HP tainted WebOS with the firesale prices. A consumer would look at a 7" WebOS tablet priced at 200-300 and think: "what, are they crazy or something?".
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    I probably would, if i hadn't already bought a TP. Considering i would of bought the TP for 300 ish (i nearly did) i would buy this for 200/250. I think thats pretty good, eh?
    Preware is AWESOME!!!!
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    I was waiting for the touchpad go for my 13 year old because he likes my touchpad better then his ipad. I think they should still make and release it and I will buy it even I had paid ebay prices for a 32 gig and now that on sale is doing canceled orders I ordered one for my brother that likes mine also. So I hope HP gets their stuff together and lets us have the pre3 and the touchpad go.
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    No, I got the 10" TP I wanted. I never really cared for a 7" tablet.
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    not for that price, I would put that money towards a Pre3.
    I love physical keyboards... but there is two devices that would make me consider a slab, one is something running a full version of Open webOS. The other is an iPhone!!!! HA HA just kidding (about the iPhone that is)...
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    Whatver comes out with webOS im buying.
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    Maybe if it was higher resolution and widescreen versus 4:3. The TP Go as it exists? No.
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    yes if it has 4g and subsidized by a large carrier for $100 to $200, about how much I would spend on a phone.

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    yes (for the same price i paid for the TP Stop)
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    Quote Originally Posted by 9520G View Post
    Whatver comes out with webOS im buying.
    Me too. Even if it's a washing machine.

    Is there a possibility? Where can I put my order in? It would only be fitting that China gets it. The Asians are an inscrutable folk.
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    in a heartbeat, even at full price
    this 10" is just too big/heavy to be really convenient
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    My TP cost me 89, so for a 7" I'd pay 69.
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    Absolutely not, if it has HP's logo on it. After getting refunds for a Pre 2 and a Touchpad after HP announced they were discontinuing it, I declared right then and there that HP would never again get one thin DIME of my money.
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