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    I posted the same thing in the other thread, but I'll repeat again here. There's going to have to be more than 149 posts to make this worthwhile for HP. Precentral needs to bring that count up into the thousands. I'm hoping Derek Kessler and the others will post this on their main page to draw more attention. I've seen has already done that.
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    I sent in a tip to get it on the front page but heard nothing. Voting currently stands at 2,700+ but needs to get much higher.
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    definitely needs more exposure. I voted and liked on fb, but beyond that I can't do much. I see so many posts about people taking a liking to the tp I have to believe we can get this way higher.
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    +1 from me bring all the webos back!!
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    The link in the OP's post is dead.

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    Haters will be haters, the simple fact is the touchpad wasn't givin enough time on the market to make any kind of a name for itself before the rug was pulled out from under it.

    HP did everything they could have done to screw themselves with the mobile hardware.

    Why in the hell would you launch the Pre 3 in EU before the US? Why not launch it with the touchpad since your already going to be advertising touch to share? Why would you not make the device available on all carriers AND ADVERTISE IT AS SUCH!

    Why would you introduce a table based on the competitions old model and price it to compete with the new model?

    Why would you release the veer before you release your flagship device?

    As for the browser thing, I have an EVO 3d and it's everybit as slow loading pages as my touchpad. I've tested it on wifi and 3g and they are comparable. So I really don't get what people are talking about when it comes to complaints about the browser.

    I really hope they bring back the mobile hardware and give it some proper support this time.
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    post it on slickdeals. We should probably start an old fashioned letter writing campaign too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mysterfix View Post

    HP did everything they could have done to screw themselves with the mobile hardware.
    Sales were so slow, they sold only 10% of their ship to Best Buy and sales got slower every week. Best Buy was returning 250,000 Touchpads and taking it off their shelves PRIOR to the announcement and fire sale.

    Retail gave up, causing HP to throw in the towel.
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    Most BB stores didn't even have proper training for there staff on top of the demo units not being maintained properly. You can't expect to sell an unknown product if the sails people don't have a clue how it works. My local BB in particular was steering people away from the touchpad in favor of the competition.

    I really think if Mark Hurd had not been pushed out as CEO things would have been much much different.

    When the plug was pulled the touchpad was #2 in mind share according to polls. The price was just too high, most people would rather buy a netbook at that price.

    There was a ton of ways for HP to make the touchpad a more appealing purchase. They chose to fail and I really think it was planned from the time when Leo the monkey took charge.
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    You don't really think it was the Best Buy sales staff that sunk the Touchpad do you?

    Or that another CEO would have been overseeing the day to day launching and marketing of the Touchpad and it somehow would have sold differently?

    Sometime movies come out with big stars and good stories but people don't buy tickets. This is similar.
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    What I said was the Best Buy staff was poorley trained and yes a different CEO would have overseen the whole thing.

    You just invested $1.2b into palm and are set to spend way more to essentially get a foot hold in the mobile market and have plans to be a major player in the space touting an integrated ecosystem.

    The planning and execution of these new devices has been botched from the start. This was supposed to be the start of HP's mobility push. You don't undertake a task like that and just let someone else plan and execute the whole thing. At the very least you have regular discussions about the project and periodic updates from your staff.
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