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    I actually am so unknowing to the whole Touchpad's broke thing. I don't have a clue. I bought mine, I used it to no end and it works perfectly, no scratches, cracks, or any malfunctions whatsoever.

    Heyyyyy.....are you guys sure you got real Touchpads???
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    I just noticed a crack that actually looks like a Nit sure if I need to worry though, as long as it doesn't make its way to the screen I could care less.
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    My TouchPad was first bought on the 9th of August (then I bought it off a guy around 1st September at the inflated fire sale price) and it has no cracks near the speakers. I have never had a case for it (judging by the fact that it had no scratches/etc. I would say the other guy did).

    Has a little bit of chocolate from my bag though.
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    Use it. Put a Zagg shield on it if you're worried about the screen.
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