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    I am Apple to the core; however, I was lucky enough to get a TouchPad though Newegg, and awaiting a 32Gb from HP.

    1. This has been my constant companion for a week. It's been good. I have carried the TP more than the iPad ( no particular reason)

    2. Typing on the TP is TORTURE! I am typing this on my iPhone. HINT: use patch to remove "touching water effect" as this is unneeded overhead! Also text select and spell correction is a JOKE.

    3. The Apps I've added are:
    -angry birds
    -accu weather
    -advanced browser
    Precentral news
    -popup calc
    -supersonic HD
    -tea reader

    3. HP sent me a Thank You they contained four expired promo codes

    4.HP needs Hulu. They say that HP hasn't paid royalties for the TP to access Hulu legitimately. I believe them.

    5. Flash integration is good, but a moot point now that Adobe has thrown in the towel and is going TI translate Flash to HTML. Flash should have never been a marketing bullet point. I've had Flash on my iPad thru alternate browsers for over a year.

    My assessment-- HP gave up to fast and too easily. webOS is still my 2nd favorite mobile OS!
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    You can access hulu from the TP if you want, just need to download the patch from preware.
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    #3 sucks i agree. the codes were generic (everyone who got the email got the same codes) so basically once they hit popular forums, people used them up in a matter of hours.
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