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    I get that with my pre 3. People asking "is that android?", and then when I say no, they "oh, must be a blackberry then".

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    I went to the local night market last week looking for a screen protector for my Touchpad. The lady ask me if it is an ipad1 or ipad2. I told her it is not an ipad, its a HP Touchpad. She looked at me funny and asked her co-worker "whats a Touchpad ?" I gave up and just walked away.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CGK View Post
    It all adds up - especially when you only paid 89 for the thing to start with - 5 here, 4 there for apps with uncertain futures.

    I come from an Android background, we are know for being cheap.. sorry I meant thrifty.
    a.k.a side loading and stealing apps/ illegally modifying and tempering with software.
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