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    I have a Mac with a EyeTV TV Box and a lot of recorded TV Films (one film 4,5 - 5 GB) - no HD!.

    With Kalemsoft Media Player they won't play.
    With Touchplayer they work, but not smooth, on fast actions there are lines and there are not enough frames/sec. and audio isn't totally syncron.

    So it seams, that i must reencode my Film, but that is damn slow, whats the really super fastest way for that problem, so I can play my recordings nice on my Touchpad?

    I hope here are some EyeTV owners
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    Well, i do not own an EyeTV Box (have the stick only), but i do have a mac, too. For conversions use 'Handbrake' and convert as for the iPad. Handbrake is fast and should finish converting a whole movie in 10 mins or so.
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    do you have a big Mac Pro!? o.O

    I testet it now with handbrake and the iPad profile - a half hour of movie hakes one hour to convert - thats double so slow as realtime - average 12 fps at decoding - on a Mac Mini with a C2D 2 GHz CPU.

    Is there any other (damn faster) way?
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    Get a Turbo H264 stick from Elgato....

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