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    Quote Originally Posted by kcrockett11 View Post
    WOOT WOOT! Mine Is out for delivery!
    Me to. winning?
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    Quote Originally Posted by HolyFizzoli View Post
    Just received my Touchpad and still have yet to receive a charge on my card (yes I'm sure).

    FREE OnSale Touchpads FTW!!!!!!!!!
    The charge on my card dropped off too. I checked today and sure enough a charge for the full amount was posted to my card. I guess no free touchpads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dna550 View Post
    I now have a delivery date:

    Scheduled Delivery:
    Friday, 09/30/2011, By End of Day
    Last Location:
    Departed - Memphis, TN, United States, Tuesday, 09/27/2011

    Not sure how long this will last, but the credit card charge has now vanished.

    Not complaining, mind you.
    My charge fell off too. Checked today and the charge from OnSale was posted to my account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by T-Padlock View Post
    Me to. winning?

    Yes Winning!
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    Quote Originally Posted by brentj View Post
    I suggest you phone OnSale to check on it. Mine was stuck at Level 0100 for a long time, I phoned to check the status, they told me I needed to talk to their credit department, and it turned out there was an error on the expiration date they had (I may have confused two cards). I had not received any email or call that there was a problem. After clearing that up, my order status progressed, and now UPS says I'll be receiving it on Friday.
    UPDATE !!
    For everyone whose order status has not changed since they placed their orders.

    Call the credit check dept of OnSale at 1-800-682-1042. Be prepared to lose about 30 mins of your life or call when you are in the loo or something . Give them your order number and they will notify you that your order is all okay (Apparently, I was under the same impression that my order is okay for the past 5 days while OnSale did not reach out to me in any way specifying I have to do this step).

    The only change I have on my order is it has changed from Level 0000 to Level 0001 :P

    Even If I get "a" Touchpad from OnSale, I am still going to leave a low feedback on Reseller Ratings.
    Ordered 2 TouchPads using IE on a Windows Phone
    4413XXX, 030568XXX, 32GB (Received)
    4426XXX, 030584XXX, 32GB (Waiting)
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    Mine arrived today.
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    Finally got mine. It was 340 out of 1000
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    got mine today. 19/1000
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    Quote Originally Posted by aesoprock00 View Post
    got mine today. 19/1000
    I would love to see someone say they got 1/1000 lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by torrguy View Post
    I placed an order for 1 Touchpad

    I tried reaching Customer Support but cannot get past the hold. What number do you suggest?
    I thought you ordered two. I guess I thought that because your signature said you ordered two, but that was probably from the firesale in august. I hope that you are able to get one.
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    Any one have any first impressions on the touchpad? I have been playing with it and I am not impressed with the browser. Also there is a cosmetic blemish on the rounded plastic Edge on the left side. It seems like it was dropped and scuffed, but I didn't drop it. It's not scuffed to bad I can live with it since it was only 149. I'm not to worried about it. I have a case and touchstone on order. I was thinking about a keyboard too. Did anyone else grab a keyboard?
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    I just ordered the case, touchstone, and keyboard from HP. I used coupon code SVN7798 and got another $10 off, so it came to $89.97 total, plus tax of ~$7. Free shipping.
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    Mine came today. #111 out of 570. Came with 3.0.0.
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    Got mine a couple days ago from OnSale and have been loving it so far. I have the case and have been considering a Touchstone.
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    Mine just came today and I love it. I just wish there were more apps for it.
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    Been playing around with mine since yesterday. I'm liking it so far. I was happy to see that Angry Birds HD was free on the marketplace, just wishing I could find more apps.
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    I got mine yesterday from OnSale.

    My shipping and billing information were different so I had to call their credit card department several times and wait on hold for an hour each time, but it paid off at the end.

    It is definitely a steal at $150 and I also bought the keyboard from from HP for $27 shipped with tax.

    Anyone still without an order update, call OnSale. Hold times are long, but you'll get through.
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    Mine just arrived via ups. 601 of 1000. Box say v3.0.2.
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    I've made some negative comments about them in the past, after my first attempt failed because it again said there was no inventory after going through the authentication process, I tried again a few days later and lo and behold I have my brand new 32gb and now my roommate has my old 16gb and loves it!
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    Earlier in the week, UPS said they would be delivering the TouchPad later today.

    But, this morning I got this message: Exception

    Fort Worth, TX, United States 09/29/2011 11:00 P.M. Late train.

    Wait, this package should have been in California by now!
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