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    I used webOS Doctor to restore one of my Touchpads. It was working fine, but
    just needed a fresh start.

    After weOS Doctor finished, the Touchpad restarted. When prompted to choose
    which of the 2 profiles to restore, I specifically chose "SKIP" because I wanted
    to start over from scratch. I assume this would allow me to create a new profile.

    When the Touchpad was done, I checked the laucher menus and there were no
    apps(except the HP Apps Catalog icon), just the want I wanted.

    However, 10 minutes later, I turned on the Touchpad again and noticed that
    the apps launcher menu was filled with dozens of apps. Most were still still
    being downloaded/installed, as indicated by those spinning blue circles.

    Why did it do that?
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    If you want to start all the way over, you need to create a whole new profile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    If you want to start all the way over, you need to create a whole new profile.
    how do I create a new profile?

    when the Touchpad restarted, it asked me to pick an exisiting profile or skip.
    I picked skip because I figured it would create a new profile?
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    isn't there a way to delete a profile from a device through the online webos login? it is probably linked to your device through your serial number.
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    I think you have to delete from your profile as stated above before you can create a new one.

    This is pretty much a new "feature", since webOS phone profiles don't have the ability to run multiple phones on the profile.
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    so there is no way to use your current profile but skip all the unwanted app downloads? when i first started playing with mine i downloaded a bunch of crappy apps. apps i dont want to use ever again or waste time to re-download. i wish i could use my existing profile thought b/c i also have some paid apps. is there no way to start from scratch but have the option to download existing apps later?
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    all you have to do is pause downloads and then delete the apps. Then back up the device.

    you will still be able to install any app you already purchased.
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    I didn't know that Good to know, been putting off a trip to the Dr., because of my 200+ apps. Takes forever to redownload, and half I don't want anyway.
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    thanks Cantaffordit

    ok so far these were my steps.

    A. doctored touchpad

    B. logged in with my account, got a message with progress bar about touchpad was downloading my apps (ignored it)

    C. after a few seconds system went into webos. immediately disabled wifi

    D. went to settings -> software manager

    E. deleted all the crappy apps.

    F. turned wifi back on then went to settings -> backup
    (there is an option to turn off backup, which will then give you an option to erase previous backup - which i did, then i turned it back on and made a new backup)

    ps. if anyone is curious what kind of data they collect there was a link here:

    edit: after doing all the above i still see a lot of 'dead' icons from previous apps i deleted. even after reboot they are still present and i can't seem to delete them. i'm wondering if i should have disabled my router before i get that initial progress bar (i'm speculating it loads the icons first then downloads the apps)

    update: i ran the doctor program a second time and everything was setup perfectly. all the deleted programs with dead icons were gone etc.
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