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    I have had my touchpad since Aug and now I am having issues. It has been patched the whole time.

    Luna has Crashed 6x today. I had one card open this time. Nothing drastic. It was just the web browser. No Flash on that page. I get a crash from time to time before with to many cards open.

    I have made no changes (outside of updates) with preware. Any idea's of causes or fixes. Also where is the error logs located so I can see what is going on.
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    I am also getting these problems, anyone got any ideas?
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    I did a wipe of system cache.... It was was preware app..just search for cache. No crashes since.
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    serverfull, sorry but how do you do a wipe of the system cache? Where is this option?
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    tried to wipe system cache but still having problems. Help!!
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    Hi, after speaking to a very helpful technical support guy on the HP Live Chat I think I may have sorted the problem. He basically told me to erase apps and data from the device. After this I have been running 3 days without a crash. I am tempted to try preware again but I want to make sure it is stable for a few more days!
    Hope this helps someone.

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