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    This video explains my problem better than I can

    About a third of the screen (closest to the home button) becomes unusable in the browser app when you have switched the screen orientation. I only noticed this happening after install dvorak keyboard but it seems unlikely this is the problem. Has anyone heard of this problem before?

    many thanks.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that it also changes where you click links. You can see this in the video, I try to press a link but it chooses a link several below where I have clicked. Closing the browser session and opening a new one sorts all of this out until you change orientation again.
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    The browse engine has some real issues. After use for a longer period of time I start to get "error can't load page" on all pages and must shutdown and re start the TP. I hope HP fixes this browser ( I have the Adv Browser and it too gives same message.)
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