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    Don't know if I should try here or at ac, but to be honest you guys are usually more responsive. Does anyone know if i can connect to my EVO via usb and use east tether app tto connect to the internet when there is no wi-fi?..I'm talking about connecting my touchpad of course guess I should mention that. Thanks for any help.
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    I would guess not. The touchpad can do USB host ( but I don't think webOS would know what to do with the phone once it is plugged in!

    If you were happy to do wireless tethering the Evo is one of the phones which can do infrastructure mode (lucky bugger) so tethering over WiFi is simple :-)

    As to which apps to use on android to tether I personally use "wireless tether for root users" really simple app and has always worked for me.
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    You have to root your evo just google it the root just came out about a month ago
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    I currently have my HTC Thunderbolt tethered to my touchpad with no issues what so ever. *But as mentioned you must root your evo and as mentioned above I as well would recommend wirelesstether for rot users sideloaded through google. *If you need help with the root part just email me :-)

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    If you have an Evo 3D get root then head over to android-wifi-tether - Wireless Tether for Root Users - Google Project Hosting and download the BETA version as the version in the market will not work with the 3D. Works just fine with my TouchPad.

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