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    Just got a Touchpad for my daughter for her birthday (age 12) and setup her own WebOS login. I'd like to allow her to buy some apps for things she would like, but limit it somehow. To make purchases through the App store you need to setup a credit card number but I want to be able to manage it so she isn't just buying things to buy them. Is there a way to purchase on a account say $20 in advance that she can use to buy apps however she wants. Sort of a coupon or credit that would applied to her login. thanks..
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    Your best bet is to purchase one of those pre-paid credit cards with a set balance. Just be careful though, because some of them have a per-transaction fee, which could make $0.99 app purchases much more expensive. Not sure where you're located, but here's a good summary for Canada:

    Canada's Best Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Cards: Reloadable, Works Everywhere | Dan Matan*
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    Yea I thought about that. I'm in the USA and a lot them have fees. Loading fees, monthly reoccurring fees. All of which I'm trying avoid. I was hoping there was someway of adding a credit through the APP store to her account. But it looks like that isn't an option. Thanks...
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    You could get a Paypal student account if you have a Paypal account yourself. It gives your child a real debit Mastercard, but there are almost no fees on it and your child will only be able to use the amount that you add on the card. Here's a link:
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    i think i will use this for the wife and shred those dam credit cards of hers ....
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    I used a giftcard visa card I received. It worked well and didn't have a fee. Just be sure to read the fineprint if you go that route.
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    I use a Visa gift card too that I ordered through a Manna fundraiser from my school. There are no fees for the first six months and they were available in either $25 or $50 variations. I'm switching to the Paypal card when it comes, though. The Visas aren't reload able.
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    IF you bank with Bank of America, and have one of their Credit Cards, they give you the option to generate FREE of cost, Virtual Credit Cards, with limited $$$ and expiration dates. I use that all the time, when shopping online. Greatly limits your exposure.

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