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    I just got a Pixi Plus recently as a backup phone on PagePlus due to the great deals on both the handset and voice plans.

    Anyway I tried pairing it with the TP, and it's pretty awesome. You can swap the audio between the devices back and forth at will. With the Touchpad's 'beats audio' sound, it's kind of like an uber-speakerphone.

    And when you're talking on the handset, the keypad is still available on the TP screen, so you get the convenience of an office-phone, where you don't have to keep pulling the phone away from your face to use the keypad - which is real nice when you're sitting through phone menus and that sorta thing.

    These little details are what impress me the most about webOS.
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    These are benefits that non-palm owners will never experience sadly.

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