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    Anyone else notice that the HP Website changed overnight? I have a script that checks the page for significant changes. There is no longer a TouchPad page showing "out of stock". Instead both the TouchPad and TouchPad accessories links take you directly to the accessories page.

    Might be another sign that more TouchPads will not be made available to the public.
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    I think they just HID the page so it shows up on EPP only for next weeks USA HP only sale.
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    For me it doesn't go to the same link as accessories, with the categories of charges, cases, keyboards and other accessories. It takes me to a search result page for "HP Touchpads". It just so happens to turn up only accessories because that's all that's out there now but if a touchpad were to be listed would presumably show up as well.
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    We can only hope they are getting ready to sell more TPads!

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