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    I hope I'm not starting off on the wrong foot by posting this on the wrong forum. I'm just a brand new user (less than 10 hours since I unboxed the TP) who really wants to share his first impressions.

    I've done the system update but no preware patches yet, so I won't comment on bugs or performance.

    This is really my first non-PC device. I don't have a smart phone.

    It's hard to get used to some things, like not being able to hover the mouse over an icon to see what it might do or right-clicking on something to bring up options. I need to learn how to do things in new ways.

    Overall, I'm thrilled! Even without preware patches, the functionality and performance has been fine.

    The thing I absolutely love is the way that Synergy allows me to have all my yahoo e-mail addresses usable at one time! Prior to this, the only way I knew of to see all my inboxes at one time was to upgrade to Yahoo Plus ($). Am I just behind the times? Has there been a way to do this with Yahoo? At any rate, this one feature has made the hunt and wait for my TP worth it!

    There's much more I could share about what I like, but I'm just getting used to the touch screen keyboard, so I'll stop for now.
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    Welcome aboard! Refreshing tale of a new user with zero experience in PDA/smartphones/tablets. Having nothing else to compare to....your experience will be drastically different than anybody else.

    I suggest looking at these threads:

    as well as:


    There's a lot of useful information in those threads, and plenty of people willing to help out if/when needed.
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    Thanks, Sledge, for the welcome and the links. I've looked at (and bookmarked) the "How do I..." and "Get Started" threads. I'll be going through them carefully in the next few days.

    Yeah, it's a little weird for me. I work with computer all day every day and I get a little burnt out on them. I've purposedly avoided having a smart phone. I've used a PDA (Palm Pilot) in the early days, but not much. I've played with my son's ipod touch. The TouchPad is the first non-PC computing device that it really mine and I want to get some use out of it.

    As I said, the #1 thing for me so far is the Synergy e-mail app. That one little thing, of being able to be actively using all four of my Yahoo e-mail addresses at once, is fantastic. It'll be the one thing I do with my TP everyday, no matter what. Maybe there was a way for me to do this on my PC, but I never figured out what it was.

    Beyond that, given that I got the TP at fire sale prices, I mostly just want something to use on the couch (which is where it lives right now). As I use it and patch it more, I'll probably find more things that I feel it is best suited for.
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    Welcome to the community - there's a lot of great tips here (in among all of the complaints about Apotheker/bugs/user error/general idiocracy). Just relax and have fun!

    Make sure you get your Kindle App up and running, and go to the App Catalog and check out all of the Free apps. Some are useful as they are, and others will whet your appetite for the PRO versions of the program.

    And get WebOS QuickInstall and Preware! Definitely worth it!
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    As a new TP owner myself but having gone thru all the "upgrades", I would suggest trying out your TP as is for a while and see how you like it. Even though I myself didn't have any issues with Preware and patches, I've read some users having issues (perhaps due to user errors). Therefore, if you like the TP as is, no need to dive into patches and over-clocking. To some people, it can be like openining a can of worms.
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    @ monkeys_uncle

    Welcome to the club and definitely you are in the right place! Overall majority of the community members are really nice and always willing to help. So, don't hesitate to bring your questions and to ask for support when you need it. Of course, check first forum and I bet you will find a lot of answers in there.

    Again, I just want to say welcome and congrats on your TP!
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    Open the can of worms, it's worth it .

    Killing all of the various logging on the touchpad improves the user experience significantly (and, as a bonus, keeps your touchpad from "phoning home" constantly with various data regarding your usage habits - I'd kill this even if it DIDN'T represent a performance improvement).

    Dealing with the recent internet security breach (bad certificates) is important too.

    Improved touchpad screen sensitivity is, in my opinion, a must.

    The thumb-control browser patch (that pops up a little thumb-control on either side of the touchpad with a small swipe-in from the bezel) is AWESOME and a must have.

    Everything else is pretty much personal preference - I've put together a pretty good list of what you can do in the "new touchpad, here's your guide" post but of course the joy of the touchpad is that it is so easily and readily modified to suit -you-.

    Lastly, on the subject of overclocking. Considering how easily the TP is overclocked, and the fact that the processor is rated from the manufacturer at the 1.5ghz speed, I'd say it's a no brainer . Improves your device and the risk-level is virtually nonexistant. Just do it, as nike would say.

    /can of worms

    It's good to hear you're enjoying your touchpad. Welcome to the club! If you need anything just ask, we're here for you .
    New to webOS? Here's my definitive Get Started guide:

    Want to dual boot Android on your Touchpad? Here's my guide:
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncinerate View Post
    It's good to hear you're enjoying your touchpad. Welcome to the club! If you need anything just ask, we're here for you .
    This statement is why this community could/should never go away. I have felt this kind of attitude for the past month of being on this forum. This community is awesome.

    I am also a firesale NOOB and I recommend all of the patches and overclocking. I bought 2 one is patched and overclocked, the other is not..there is a huge difference.
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    Thanks, all, for the welcome. This seems like a great place.

    I'm slowly doing more and more with the TP. This morning I downloaded the Kindle app and a couple of free classics. I'd heard that the kindle app had issues, but maybe that was before the 9/1/11 update. It is working OK so far for me (in very limited use).

    I haven't yet disabled logging or done the patches. I think I need to quit putting it off, because I've run into some issues and I figure that the first thing I'll be asked is if I've done the patches yet! Last night was not as fun as the first night because:

    -- Trying to add my skype account put the TP into sloooooooooow motion, in which every action took a loooooooong time. I want to try skype eventually, but I ended up just removing the account to get my functionality back. I'll research this one, because I'm sure I'm not the only one.

    -- You know how I was so super thrilled with Synergy and the ability to monitor multiple Yahoo e-mail accounts in one place? Well...I should have known that Yahoo would frustrate me once again. I'm researching this one and it sounds like a known problem that may be a WebOS issue or may be a Yahoo issue, but the end result is that 3 of my 4 Yahoo accounts quit synching. After removing the accounts I can't re-create them because the yahoo login times out. I know there are potential work-arounds for this, so I'll be trying those. It's just kind of ironic that the one thing I make a point of praising breaks the next day! I'll keep my praise to myself in the future! (Just kidding).

    Despite these issues, I'm still having fun -- when I can get the TP away from my wife and son!
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    Quote Originally Posted by ncinerate View Post
    The thumb-control browser patch (that pops up a little thumb-control on either side of the touchpad with a small swipe-in from the bezel) is AWESOME and a must have.
    ok that is freakin AWESOME(sometimes i feel like i noob when i find a nugget like this) ...would be sweet if this was implemented to initiate Just Type(or in my case i changed it to: WHATCHU WANT!!!...) or the keyboard to just start typing like having the slider feel you get w/ the phones slide and type

    finger swipe in from side and type...would be GLORIOUSLY AWESOME!!!!

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