I've seen a number of threads on the net which seem to imply that you can't use Google Street View on the TouchPad, so I thought I'd post a little "how to" for those who haven't got it working.

First, use this link - Google Maps

That should get you into the "classic" view of Google Maps - you do not want the mobile view.

(Alternative method - bring up the mobile view by whatever method you normally choose, click on the down-arrow-in-circle icon at the top right of the Google Mobile screen (menu), choose "get directions", and near the bottom of the resulting page is a "Classic View" link).

Now you've got "Classic View" displayed, enter a search string for an exact address or for a broad location. Let's say "London Eye", then choose whatever you want from the dropdown.

Now if you were using a PC you'd just drag the "pegman" to the place you want to see in Street View. You can't do that on the TP as you'll simply drag the whole screen.

The essential trick is to zoom in using the slider to the right of the map. tapping on the "+" symbol just below the pegman. Zoom all the way in, then, zoom in again - that last tap on the + sign will place pegman on the map, hopefully close to the desired spot. You can centre the map with the on-screen controls to the right place as you zoom in to improve accuracy.

Now wait a few moments and you'll see the street view image. Click on the full screen symbol (top right of the picture), and now you can drag with your finger, and "walk" around using the normal street view method.

Now come out of fullscreen using the (tiny) control at the top right. Type in a specific address, eg 123 Old Kent Road, and pick the exact address from the dropdown. If the address has a street view image, you should now see that image to the left of the map, and touching the pegman on the image will put you into street view again. (As far as I can see, that mode is triggered by having used the zoom-right-in trick you used earlier, but I'm not totally sure).

Using Street View this way isn't quite as slick as using it on a PC, but it works.

Sorry if I'm teaching my grandmothers here to suck eggs.