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    When I try to open/watch a video on youtube another "window" comes up with a loading circle in the middle and then it will not load or gives an error message. Anyone else getting that? i am trying to think if it happened after loading something but it was few days ago now. I dont know how to fix it.
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    Do you have the patch Download option instead of Stream on your TouchPad? I'm not sure if this patch is the cause but I used to have it but it didn't work for me when trying to download mp3s so I removed it. I did notice I had the same problem you describe while it was installed but now that it is removed, all youtube videos are playing just fine.

    Try removing it, restarting your TouchPad and see if that makes a difference.
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    Not sure which patch you mean....
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    here are the screenshots of errors/issues
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    when i get this big grey play button I know there is a problem
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    If you don't know the patch you probably don't have it installed. Its called Add Download Link Option and it's supposed to enable you to download a file rather than just streaming it. I had the same YouTube problems when I had the patch installed. Now that I've removed it, I have not encountered any YouTube playback issues.
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    Did anyone found a solution to this problem? I am running into the same issue. And the thing is that it happens on certain videos. Some works fine in Flash and some opens up as described in the above messages.
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    I've got the same problem now as well. Youtube was working fine a week back and now is splitting off the full screen player window and quits with "There was an error playing the file" - still present after rebooting. Flash apps still seem to be working in the browser but videos won't play. Embedded videos on google news page for example still play. Seems to be limited to youtube.

    Frustrating as hell.

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    I cleared cookies and cache, opened youtube in a browser, signed in again, and was able to play videos again.

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    That worked for me too.

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