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    Okay, I just ended a chat with Palm customer Service (yeah, HP, but the chat window said Palm). Here was my issue. I got the $50 App Credit from HP for being a loyal webOS user. I bought my first app that cost $9.99 using the Promo Code. After that, my Palm Profile showed that I had $40.01 remaining balance. In the following few weeks, I downloaded several more apps. I assumed on buying subsequent apps that I would be offered the option of using my Promo Balance or my Credit Card. No, it offers the chance to insert the Promo Code again, but there is no option to use the Promo Balance.

    Well, like a dummy, here I was, ready to download my apps and could not find the promo code. I thought, maybe if I click purchase there will be another chance to charge my promo balance. No, my credit card got charged for the subsequent app downloads. So, now I have charged $31 worth of Apps to my credit card that I wanted to use my Promo credit for.

    So today, I take the time to contact them, explain the situation, provide them with receipts and the promo code. I ask them to credit my credit card and apply the charges to my Promo Balance. 2 hours later, no, they will not issue a credit. I should have re-entered the Promo code each time. They are very sorry but they cannot give a refund. It is all my fault for not entering the promo code each time.

    Any merchant that can charge your credit card can just as easily do a refund to your credit card. I am very disappointed with the customer service that I received. Further, I pointed out to their rep that a well thought out, well designed App Store would have offered an option of using an accrued credit to pay for apps.

    I am calling my bank now to dispute the charges to my credit card. I will see what happens then.
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    The charges will probably be refunded if you dispute them, but it'll be the developers who lose money. Sure you want to do that at this time?
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    I wouldn't cancel the charges but I'd fight with HP to give me more credit. If you dispute the charges, your credit card will not make the payment and the only one you hurt is the developer. The last thing we need is to upset the precious few who are still providing us with goodies to put on our webOS devices.
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    you cant blame or expect a retailer to put your mistake right when it was your mistake, you asumed something that you should not have done.

    if the terms were that you needed to input the code each time, well its pretty black and white tbh.
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    oh and technically you cant dispute the charges, that is fraud.
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    I don't see how you could of gotten confused? With my promo code every time I clicked purchase it prompted me to either purchase, use a promo code, or cancel.

    it would of been nice if it had a way to store promo codes so I didn't have to type it in over and over again..! But I'm not sure how you could assume the purchase button would go to a promo code instead of to your CC.
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    You received a promo code right? But you didn't enter it when the store asked you to apply a promo code?

    And now it is HP's fault.

    Just wanted to make sure I got this right here.

    So if I get a gift card to a store, and use it once... the store should automatically assume I will use that credit every time I shop at the store until the balance is used up. Even if I forget my card at home, or lose it? And if they don't, I should just goto my bank and file a fraudulent claim to dispute the charges.

    Sure, lets blame others instead of ourselves here.
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    Wow...did I strike a nerve!? No, I don't consider this like an absent gift card from a brick and mortar store, but closer to what Amazon does. And with Amazon, you have an opportunity to choose from several different methods of payment including using any credit you may have in your account. I should have used the Promo Code, but I could not locate it, I clicked through hoping that I would have got more payment options and then the deal was done. So, no, I am not disputing the charges, but now I have $40 worth of credit, I have most of the apps I want and need and I doubt that will ever spend all of my credit. It is particularly unlikely that I will ever use this credit when you consider that they have effectively killed the platform and there won't be any "NEW" apps coming down the pike! So, forgive me for having been a jerk to HP, because they are an honorable and proud company that has done so much for webOS!
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    Man....webos is so intuitive....
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