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    curious how many people have yet to have a crack onntheir Touchpad and what type of protection they use?

    I have a new TP and developed hairline crack already after a little over a week. No cases but have been extremely careful.
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    *fingers crossed* i dont yet. I just got it last week, i put it straight in the case and applied a screen protector, today is my first time using touchstone and i took off the vibrate feature.
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    Do a forum search and you will find a few threads on the subject.
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    I have had mine since early July. No cracks.

    I have it in the HP case & a screen protector, I use the Touchstone charger. It has travelled with me on a couple of overseas trips & is absolutely fine.

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    had mine for a month now, i have no cosmetic damage. however my son dropped it while it was charging and messed up the cable. that is the only damage i have, i dont use any protection (which is why i have a son HEEYYY OOHH) but i have been looking to get a case im just not sure which to get. i also plan on getting the screen protector this weekend.
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    No crack, no protection.
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    Early Adopter here of a 32gb model, touchpad lives in HP case, has a custom GelaSkins vinyl back/front, lives its life on the Touchstone recharger near permanantly when at home.

    zero cracks or damage, and to date ive also dropped the touchpad off my bed to the floor 4 times when falling asleep in bed reading :|
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    No cracks at all in mine or my wifes. Had them both for a month now. Only protection is the HP case.
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    3 week old 32GB TP, one crack at both speakers, never dropped, no case.
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    Pre fire sale TP no crack using HP folio
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    no cracks in my 16gb yet (knock on wood)

    has been protection free up until a few days ago when I got a folio case for it.
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    No cracks yet, early adopter 32GB with no case (Targus case finally arriving today). Crossing my fingers!
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    HP Case on multiple touchpads, one being used frequently by a 2 year old, no cracks to speak of despite obvious abuse.

    The case, on the other hand, is not in pretty shape. The HP case pretty easily gets bent out of shape and "loosened" by little prying hands . I don't expect it to continue holding the touchpad in the very near future, it's already pulled away from the edges of the device pretty significantly.

    Downsides to letting a 2 year old have a piece of hardware like this. He's probably going to end up with a cheap slip-on ipad case as a replacement (something he can't peel away from the chassis of the device).

    My other cases/touchpads look perfect though - pretty heavy/frequent use and working pretty nicely. No complaints.
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    no cracks. I have a Philips iPad neoprene pouch that I only use when the tp leaves the house.
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    Firesale TP, no protection, no cracks.
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    No case. No screen protector. Overclocked. Frequent use (it's basically my laptop)....

    Oh yeah and no cracks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by uh60james View Post
    No crack, no protection.

    That sounds so wrong! or is it just me?

    p.s. no cracks, leather case.
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    No cracks and no case up until yesterday when I got a case for my birthday.
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    Touchpad is protected by the HP case. So far, so good.
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    I'm not a forum moderator, but if I were, I'd probably
    be thinking: "Really? Another Touchpad crack thread?"

    Edit: nevermind, another new crack thread just popped up.
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