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    For those of you having problems with charging or doctoring your your touchpad, make sure you do the following before jumping to other solutions:
    (1) Check your USB cable. The original cable is very easily broken and you won't be able to tell from the look of it. Try a different USB cable first if you are having the above problems. This is from my personal experience.
    (2) You need the HP charger to charge your touchpad. Standard USB chargers (be that your laptop USB, wall charger for other USB devices, phone chargers etc.) WILL NOT WORK for touchpad because they are 5.0 V chargers. HP touchpad uses 5.3 V and it'll refuse to charge if the voltage is not enough.
    (3) Be cautious with your USB cable when in use. Find a way to protect it from being bent, dragged etc. Loop the cable to the back of the case and fix it somehow so that the connector won't feel the move (micro USB connector is very weak).
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    Thanks for the warning, so far no trouble but I don't move the cable much.
    My biggest concern is from cord-chomping 4-legged furry creatures, for some reason my bluetooth seems to be seen as prey and the Palm and Treo cords are close favorites.
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    Good advice for all cables of any sort.

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