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    I've had my touchpad since the fire sale and the touch responsiveness just seems poor, very uncharacteristic of a capacitive touchscreen. when typing with the onscreen keyboard often key presses will just not register and have to be repeatedly pressed sometimes even pushed before they'll register. for some reason the most constant offender is the backspace key. this issue seems to rear its head mostly when typing quickly and not just pecking at the keys. my ipad will handle it fine but the touchpad will just seem to frequently omit keys. However will still occasionally happen when typing at a more leisurely pace. from my experiences with other capacitive screens it just seems wrong to be able to sit there tapping a key over and over and it only respond on the tenth time. just wondering if anyone else had experienced this problem or if its just me and my touchpad is defective.

    nb. while i do have a skinomi screen protector on it now it has only been on for a week, prior to that it was just bare screen and the issue was equally prevalent whilst screen-protectorless .
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    Just curious if you have installed preware and the touch sensitivity patch?
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    yeah have tried it without it and with the 5px,10px and 15px settings all the same situation. On closer inspection of the backspace issue I've noticed I have to press above the backspace button inline with the 0 key to activate it could very well be a hardware fault around that section
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    I have the preware touch patch installed and notice the same touch screen issues.
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    As I assume that you both are able to use a touchscreen, it sounds like a hardware issue.

    I'm not quite sure, whether this is possible, but maybe the screen must be calibrated. I remember this from good ol' windows mobile days when the touchscreen of my smartphone could be calibrated to increase the precision and responsiveness.
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    I have the same issue described in this thread on one of my touchpads. However, it is the "S" key and the "L" key that seem to not register at times. In both instances, I have to press somewhere just outside the center of the key in order to get the key to register.
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    I've got problems with mine.
    letter h and n.
    bought mine in the UK sale.
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    I was also disappointed with the touchscreen. But I had initially installed the preware touchsensitivity apps right away. First 10x, then just the regular version. But now I find it best when I uninstalled that app. My problem is with typing, where I clearly hit one key (ie. 's'), and the little animation of the key (the 's') can be seen, but perhaps my finger doesn't raise far enough from the screen, and an adjacent key registers (ie. 'd').

    Another thing will be hitting a button, like a BACK button and nothing happens. I have to hit it again. Is it better to do a quick press, or a long press? Not sure.
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    Whoa, I have the same issues, but with only certain letters. Most of the time it works, but if I'm responding to a thread on a forum, it gets glitchy. I thought it was my matte screen protector causing this issue, but it might be worse than only that.
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    I have the same issue...touch sensitivity patch installed.
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    I have the same issue. I have found that I need to press to the left of icons / characters on the bottom left of the screen, but the rest of the screen is OK.

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    I have this issue too. With the E and backspace. If I turn my touchpad around it fixes it but other keys aren't working right. Can anyone figure out what's going on?
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    There is a calibration for the screen. Might be worth a try.
    Settings>Device info> Device Info( top left)> Diagnostics...
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    While the touch sensitivity patch TOTALLY improved my experience (especially with cut/paste) I do sometimes have these issues as mentioned. I've run a calibration and it says it's fine so I figured it was just me.

    Mainly my issue is tapping something firmly and nothing happening. Sometimes taking a 2nd or even 3rd (rarely) press.
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    Welcome to the HP TouchPad. Get used to it.
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    yeah mine freezes sometimes. kinda annoying but who cares i still love using the tablet. if there is a fix later then woohoo.
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    My touchpad (16 GB) has been doing this lately as well - portions of the screen simply stop registering a touch - usually starts with the top - around the system tray - and sometimes 'spreads' to rest of the screen. I uninstalled the remove tap ripple patch simply so that I can see when it is registering and touch and when it is not. I also uninstalled the increase touch response patch. I am still on Uber-Kernel - and also have ubuntu installed.

    The response comes back if I leave it alone - or reboot several times - or plug it in and plug it back out - but there never is a sure shot pattern. I hate to have to send it back and get a refurb in the process, especially if it is just a software thing.

    Has anyone found a way to diagnose what exactly causes this problem - and the fix ?
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    yeah i've run the diagnostics too it claims that all is could just be software quirk of webOS i guess the only way to know that for sure is to wait until android is ported and see if the touch input is still junk
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    Quote Originally Posted by ftruck View Post
    yeah i've run the diagnostics too it claims that all is could just be software quirk of webOS i guess the only way to know that for sure is to wait until android is ported and see if the touch input is still junk
    How do you run diagnostics on touchpad?
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    When I got my TouchPad three weeks ago, I followed the instructions on One of the patches to install was "Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness 10". Actually, typing has never been a problem, but swiping and scrolling have been awful.

    I uninstalled it last night and installed the other "Increase Touch Sensitivity and Smoothness" patch, and it has been a night & day difference. I also see that the "10" patch is no longer available on Preware.
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