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    I have doctored it back twice now - and after the latest iteration - I have not done anything more to it - no developer mode and hence no patches or anything - and bare minimum apps.

    The two times I have doctored it - right after doing that , the screen works fine - but after a while the top horizontal section stops responding on a cold reboot. Often it will come back after being left alone for a while.
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    My big issue is that my I O and K keys seem to interchange a lot. I'll clearly press O and an I is inputted instead, or sometimes a K. It's Very annoying. My spacebar is somewhat unresponsive as well. I don't have issues when using the touchscreen otherwise, just when typing.
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    update on issues, received an email today that HP have issued a replacement unit. should receive tomorrow. will let you all know if the new device also suffers issues.
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    So I wasn't the only one!!! I'm joining the club. I wish I searched before I pulled off the Skinomi off of mine to test it. In my case, it was not the screen protector at all.

    and for me, it's the "j" and "." It is bugging me. It comes and goes. It only happens when I have it horizontally. At first I thought it was hardware, thought maybe it's software, and after reading the entries on this thread I'm beginning to thing it's hardware.

    What's funny is that it happens for me with "j" in both horizontal positions, both sporadically. That's why I thought maybe it's software thing... but seeing recently how it also happens with other keys as well, maybe I just saw it with "j" more because I was fixated on it. I'm very close to calling HP and complaining.
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    got my replacement touchpad yesterday. They sent me out a whole new retail kit not a refurb which I was pretty stoked about. New touchpad works fine and I'd say the touch sensitivity is on par with my iPad..can't believe I put up with the old one for a month before sending it in for repair.
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    Good for you! When I called HP, they ordered a repair job rather than sending me a replacement. I ran the diagnostics and found that when that small spot doesn't pick up a tap, the grid doesn't turn green as it should. I'm pretty sure that's hardware issue, although it works fine sometimes. I'm hoping that they'll replace the whole screen with a working module.
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    Same problem. The diagnostic grid doesn't turn green either. So it's a problem in the screen i guess.
    But I left the US and i can't send it for repair !!!!!! :S
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    Quote Originally Posted by ftruck View Post
    I think it's worth a shot for anyone with an unresponsive screen to plug their Touchpad into USB or AC power and see if the responsiveness improves (obviously this won't effect key mapping problems). i think some of them may just have a voltage throughput issue and the battery just doesn't provide enough juice to function at 100%(i've seen this on my own and in another case on HP's forums). if it does improve get onto HP for a repair like i'm attempting to do at the moment but HP handheld support here is shut until Monday
    You just saved me hours of time... that was the culprit. MANY THANKS!!!!
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    same issue, made a YouTube video on it. If I lay the touchpad on a table and don't touch anything but the keyboard, the screen will be unresponsive but if I touch the bezel, the spots work again. Is this a grounding isssue

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    This "dead spot" issue drove me nuts! Read all of the forums, did the sensitivity test and was horrified to see the number of dead cells. I walked away and left the pad on charge. When I returned and tried the test again the problem had gone away! I therefore have to assume that as battery power declines so does pad sensitivity! Hope this works for you too !

    PS... to run test go to device info page... test is on the drop down top left.
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