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    I'm starting to think the problem maybe the patches or a specific combination of patches causing the problem. I was having this problem last week. I tried doing the screen and rotation calibration. I decided to do a full reformat. The issue cleared up.
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    same issue for me but with my a key. For some reason when I type at an angle responsiveness is often lost, but if I tilt the screen back up it works fine..

    maybe the patch has issues with the tilt sensor?....
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    I notice the issue also, along the side of the touchpad with the home button. If I have my touchpad tilted at a certain angle at times the touchscreen doesn't always register touches. If I tilt it to another angle it will work correctly. I also have the patch installed to help sensitivity.
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    I also had the problem with the touchscreen responsiveness, but after deinstalling the smoothness patch, it`s working better! The problem with the keys have i too! Dont know where this come from!

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    so on top of the issues mentioned earlier in the thread already I've also had issues touching the top corners mainly whatever corner the wifi/battery stats are in...I plugged the touchpad into a wall charger or USB it works fine ..unplug it its sensitivity is back to zero..I repeated this a few times each time when plugged in the touch worked fine and when unplugged it was back to its old impossible self and I just could not bring down the wireless connections options bar...this makes me think that my touchpad just doesn't have enough power to fully operate on its own..I'm currently doctoring to see if that will help but it definitely seems defective.
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    I've noticed screen freezes or it's thinking often and in general keys have to be pushed twice or more. The responsiveness of the touch is not terrible but not really good.
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    doctored and removed screen protector..accomplished absolutely zero..screen is still unresponsive unless plugged into USB or wall charger..starting to see why HP dropped these..will have to attempt to get a repair however as a live in Australia i can see this proving very difficult as HP doesn't seem to have much going on here service center wise.
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    I have the same problem, and sometimes have to tap repeatedly to get a response, but it seems to be random.

    I did put on a screen protector. Are those a culprit?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dis View Post
    There is a calibration for the screen. Might be worth a try.
    Settings>Device info> Device Info( top left)> Diagnostics...
    Quote Originally Posted by garlon View Post
    How do you run diagnostics on touchpad?
    Umm... What he said....
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    Its getting worse.
    I'm beginning to understand why HP got rid of the touchpad.
    way too many bugs.
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    I have this issue also.

    It's not the screen protector (at least in my case) as I have this issue both with and without screen protector.

    The issue seems random so I'm thinking this is a software issue. For example, certain keys have to be pressed at the border or corner instead of center so obviously the software mapping of the keyboard is at fault.
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    I think it's worth a shot for anyone with an unresponsive screen to plug their Touchpad into USB or AC power and see if the responsiveness improves (obviously this won't effect key mapping problems). i think some of them may just have a voltage throughput issue and the battery just doesn't provide enough juice to function at 100%(i've seen this on my own and in another case on HP's forums). if it does improve get onto HP for a repair like i'm attempting to do at the moment but HP handheld support here is shut until Monday
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    I just mailed mine back to HP for repair today. Certain areas of the screen no longer responded to touch even after a full reset/webos doctor use. I was running various preware patches but seeing how nothing changed after returning it to factory condition I can only assume that it was a hardware failure.
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    I installed the "remove tap ripple" patch and it helps speed up the response while typing. They say that the "tap ripple" ties up the processor for an instant causing a delay while typing. Try it and see if it helps out, it did for me.
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    I hve been havinnthe same poblem as severalmof you. Innfact, I am tping this on my touchpad just o sho you hat its doimg.this is th normalnrte at hich I type on m ipad, but the TP cntnundle it.
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    Okay, now I'm back on my first gen iPad and typing at the same speed as I did that last post on the Touchpad. No problems whatsoever. I'm beginning to think that the TP is waaay too buggy to be worthwhile.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BTJepson View Post
    I hve been havinnthe same poblem as severalmof you. Innfact, I am tping this on my touchpad just o sho you hat its doimg.this is th normalnrte at hich I type on m ipad, but the TP cntnundle it.
    what's scarier? The message that you typed, or the fact that I can read it?

    Count me in for the screen problems.
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    Maybe your fingers are too small? (or oily?)
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    I have been uninstalling recently downloaded programs one by one - but so far the screen is still acting up. So far the pattern that I have established is that the problem happens when the tablet boots from cold - or occasionally when woken up after it has been sitting idle for a while. In my case the screen is hypersensitive for a few minutes - with the cursor jumping around all over - esp towards the top of the screen ( I can see this because I enabled tap ripple back on) as if an invisible hand is tapping on it at random. At the same time, it does not respond to any actual taps. This continues for a few minutes ( 4-5 minutes ) - and then settles down. After that the screen behaves normally for the rest of the time I am using it , with no noticeable lag and erratic behavior.

    Does this look familiar to a known syndrome ? The last thing I have remaining is to doctor it back . I had to doctor it to put Ubuntu on it.
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    I'm now joining the club

    My backspace and "P" key becomes unresponsive at times. If I rotate it, it will work. I initially thought that it could be skinomi skin but I really doubt it. It was perfectly placed.

    I have 2 other touchpads that I fixed last night (from friends/relatives) and I did the same thing. All patches installed (like mine) and they don't have that issue.

    I'm doing a full erase right now + doctor and I will try not to install too many patches. I'm trying to figure out if it was caused by something else.


    EDIT: Is it certain that HP will send me a refurb instead of a new one? I bought it from costcentral less than 30 days ago.
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