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    ran across some business article where someone said the new spin off area HP moved the tp to would double if only HP starred to make the tp again. Realize chances of that happening are very remote though it did make me wonder a bit.

    was/is the touchpad just not able to make it as a product? Random thought all expressed by others already no doubt.

    could HP force builders to cut margins for units then try to sell the 16g for $200 to $250. Reworking webOS a bit to cut down on lag time. Do a `classic coke` type Ad campaign such purchased...we listened... the return of the touchpad. Yes I know won't happen and guess webOS will go to retirement home in a couple of years. Mean time I will I
    enjoy my 32g TP purchased on sale.

    Heck, if netflix can screw up their pricing...even if right move...then come back and pull a HP move to split it into two units figure anything is possible even if only in my dreams.
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