Ok, if you want to hide your **** and stuff, I found a way to do it where it doesn't show up in the Photo/Video app.

1) Download Internalz Pro (I believe pre-ware)

2) Make a folder in Internalz called ".hideme" or whatever. Make sure you have the .dot in front of the folder name.

3) Set the preference in Internalz to show "hidden folders/files" You can toggle this whenever you need to get to your files.

4) Hold-Press on the folder until the info option shows up.
Select "Mask from WebOS" and "Hidden"

Now, when you connect to your desktop pc, make sure you can see hidden files/folders.

In Linux/Ubuntu, CTRL-H will show the hidden files. You can also do this in OSX and Windows.

5) Copy your files over.

Open up your photo video app and voila. Hidden from prying eyes.

To play the videos or view images, use the app InternalZ Pro to navigate to the file. Click on file and open.

Works great with mp4 videos.