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    this member pcdawg posted this in another thread about changing the just type text. however i would like to reduce the size of the quicklaunch bar like he did. he only has 2 posts so he's unlikely to come back and answer my question. so I just wanted to open up the question to anyone that might know.

    any help is appreciated

    UPDATE: figured out how to make this look for real -
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    optical illusion because it isn't at a 4:3 aspect ratio.
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    Agreed, the wallpaper doesn't fit the screen, so you see grey bars at the top and bottom. That's what makes it appear that the quick launch bar has been re-sized. If you look closely, you can still see the semi-transparent bar behind the icons.
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    lol, thanks. that's actually kinda neat. i'd do that if I wasn't addicted to switcharoo HD (the paid version)
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    Are you wanting a half sized bar behind your icons? If so, easily accomplished.
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    although everyone in the thread is right its just an illusion, it's still easy to acheive all you have to do is resize the quicklaunch background png (like I did in my ipad theme)
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    I'm here lol

    everyone is correct, the wallpaper didn't fit the screen properly, but I like the effect that it had so didn't resize it to fit to screen.
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    Or just make the dock transparent, then embed the "dock" on the wallpaper.
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    I figured out how to make this look for real:

    thanks for your responses

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