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    Hey guys I just downloaded a txt book for school that is a (.acsm) file. On the computer it used Adobe Digital Editions to display the book however that's not supported on the tp (go figure) is there any app that will read this file and make it work? Any help would be great hell I will even pay if I have too. I have the file downloaded onto the device already but cant open it i tried pReader that doesnt do it or the kindle program as well. I heard this popelli reader is good but don't know if it will work for sure. Thanks alot
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    check the web for a free program called hamster and see if it can convert it to a usable format.
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    Calibre is your one-stop digital book converting software. It does it all, nicely.
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    Convert it to .epub using Calibre and then use pReader.
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    problem is that the file has Adobe's DRM encrypting the file. You will need to use one of the apps mentioned above to strip the DRM.
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    .acsm files are not ebooks. They're like bookmarks that tell Adobe Digital Editions how to retrieve the actual ebook.

    Hamster is a shady piece of software that uses calibre as its conversion engine underneath. The calibre guys just recently had issues with them not respecting the GPL license of calibre, and while the Hamster guys tried as much as possible to wiggle their way out they finally complied. Still, why use Hamster when you can use the original calibre instead?

    Neither Hamster nor calibre will remove ADEPT DRM, though there are (unofficial, unsupported, ZOMG DRM removal is bad!! !! !! uu!!) plugins available for calibre that can do so. It's easy enough to find the right scripts separately rather than mess with plugins (hint: apprentice alf is your friend, and google knows who he is).

    Once DRM has been removed, the book may already be in epub format. If so, no conversion is necessary and you can read the stripped book directly in preader (though I've never been able to get the native preware version of preader to work satisfactorily). However the book might be in PDF format (text books usually are), in which case once the DRM is removed you should be able to read it in Adobe Reader.
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    If you look around, you should be able to find some Python scripts that remove DRM from different formats. They're called "inept+the document format.pyw"

    I don't think pReader is very good. Large books or heavily-formatted books make it choke. I've been following the Kindle side-loading thread with the idea of using Calibre to convert books to .mobi and then read them in the Kindle beta app. Some easy-to-use scripts should show up soon, and hopefully a Calibre plugin.
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    if you open the acsm file in text pad you will find the link to download the file. Use that file against calibre
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    Once you get the file into a usable format (pdb or ePub right now) got pReader native to read it on the TouchPad. You can get the latest version at the official support thread here: The first post has a link to the ipk - the version in the thread is often newer than the one in preware. The version of pReader in the App Catalog is an older, much (MUCH) slower version than pReader native available in the thread.

    pReader is very flexible but you need to be willing to make the configurations needed. Pull down the menu and select Help to read the help. Also pull down the menu and select Preferences to configure it. The first change you'll want to do is in the Text Display section - change Def Encoding to UTF-8 so the text will display correctly. Also might want to look at font size, font, and alignment. If you are reading a book and are in full screen mode (don't see the menu), tap & hold in the center of the screen to exit full screen mode.

    If you use pReader, know that it doesn't read the files directly, all files are imported so any conversion is done once.

    If you have any questions or issues with pReader native, drop by the thread & we'll try to help all we can.

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