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    WebOS 3.0.2.

    I transferred a bunch of videos to my TouchPad earlier and when I view them in the Photos & Videos app the filenames are truncated. This is a problem because the filenames are such that the part of it that the Photos & Videos app displays is identical for each video. So I have ten episodes of a TV show on there but no idea which file is which episode.

    Is there a way to force the app to display the whole filename?

    Looking closely I can see that they aren't truncated at the Nth character, they're truncated and the Nth pixel. The last character visible in each case is a y and the far right edge of it is cut off in each case.
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    So it occurred to me that the interface is done with JavaScript and CSS and that I know those languages. So I got a copy of the SDK, fired up the emulator, poked around and figured out that the appearance is controlled by
    So I fiddled with that to make it stop truncating the filenames, or at least not truncate them as much.

    The file I've ended up with and a screenshot are attached. (Had to change the filename of the css file to end in txt because the forum won't let me attach it if it ends .css. (As if a filename dictates the type of file...)) Next step is to figure out how to make one of those patch things.
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