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    I ordered 3 touchpads, 2 of which I am giving to family.
    I have so far only used two of them(a 16 gb and a 32 gb) and noticed 2 weird things, one of which has been covered extensively on precentral although it would be interesting to hear anything new about it.

    The 32 gb has a center physical button that is flush with the screen at rest. Where as the 16 gb's center physical button goes in a little(i.e. not flush with the screen when not being pushed). In other words when you run your finger over it, you finger falls into a bit of a hole if that makes sense.

    Apart from not feeling as nice, do you think this is an issue? I mean could it be something that becomes a problem later down the road?

    Also the 16 gb seems to have a slightly whiter color in the screen. I say white although it may actually be just a white with pink in it. I think this is what was referred to as the colder colors. The main tp blue wallpaper appears dark blue, almost purple.

    The 32 gb seems just as bright but the white is a bit less white, perhaps what many have called yellow. The main tp blue wall paper appears sort of aqua blue, like a light blue almost mixed with green.

    I guess the screen issue has showed up many times with other electronics due to different suppliers, but the button one is weird. Its kind of annoying feeling that theirs issues with new tablets, although they were pretty cheap so I am not gonna get to bothered about it.
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    My 32GB home button wobbles
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    my 16 and 32 have exactly (or nearly) the same screen. same colors, whites etc. i wonder if there is a way to calibrate the lcd panels to get better results

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