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    It might be an old question but I can't seem to find it anywhere. My problem is that my Music album has different singers grouped under single Album name, artwork etc. In iTunes you can group them explicitly by checking "Part of compilation" check box. Is there any trick to do it for Touchpad?

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    Music Player Remix has various ways to list your music (Artists, Albums, Songs, Genres).
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    Yes, but Music Player Remix seems to use the default webOS grouping, which separates based on album+artist rather than just album. Anybody know how to change this?
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    I ran into this same issue today with some Christmas compilations. A single album is split into 16 different "albums" in the default WebOS music player since each song is by a different artist. I have never used another mp3 player (Android, PC, etc) that has sorted like this. Is there any patch for this or another music player that does not have this annoyance?

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