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    I just boucht an HP Touchpad and I want to synchronise my outlook calendar and contacts on this touchpad.

    In fact, I want a software that does the same thing as Activesync (Microsoft) or Kies (samsung), and so on...

    Thanks for your help.
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    pocket mirror said they are planning to release an update to work with the touchpad. That will be your best bet.

    until then, your only choice is to sync outlook with gmail (maybe hotmail?) and sync that service with the touchpad.
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    ps, I use pocketmirror to sync with my phone. What I did is set up a new gmail account just for contacts, and I exported from outlook to a .csv file that I uploaded directly to that gmail account that isn't used for anything else. If I make enough changes in outlook I will just delete the gmail contacts and upload a new copy of contacts from outlook. That works for me because I always have my phone, but not always my touchpad and never the other way around. So phone sync is more critical at the moment.

    I hope that helps.
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    I set up my domain.tld on google apps. Then on my touchpad I choose Mail for Exchange or whatever the exchange/activesync option is and this way it syncs calendar too! (from google calendar). You can then setup the google-outlook sync program.
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    Fieldston Software - gSyncit - Sync Outlook and Google Calendars, Contacts, Notes and Tasks - Toodledo - Evernote

    This syncs Outlook to google. It's a plug in for Outlook and can be set up to sync automatically. Use google account on your phone.

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