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    In the photo viewer if I manually zoom or double tap, i find the zoomed in image to be blurry - when I know the original to be clear. Is this a TP fault or is there a way to change a setting?

    I'm wanting to use the TP as an electronic portfolio and zooming into details would be useful
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    Depends on the original size of the image I suppose. Any jpg is going to look blurry if you zoom it in bigger than it is, Have you tried with an image you know to be larger than the screen res of the tp?
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    I have a Canon T2i and recently took some photos of a fashion event. I decided to a couple of them that I edited in Lightroom onto my Touchpad. Either the resolution for the screen is poor or the Touchpad doesn't like large jpg files. Everything is super blurry zoomed out, there jagged lines and aliasing in the photos. Zooming in is even worse. As the original poster, I was looking just to use the Touchpad as a photography portfolio if someone asks to see my work.
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    I've tried high res images that are crisp on the laptop but it's as if the touchpad is simply enlarging the smaller zoomed out view with no more detail. Is it the same issue as the poor PDF zoom?
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    I have the saeme thing, on my pc i can zoom all the way into the face and see every hair, on the pre 3 not so much... its not a big problem for me, i guess they cut out the rendering so the pinch to zoom doesnt take as long
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    the stock viewer makes 2 files for every pic you import, a small thumbnail, and a larger screen nail pic. So you have three copies of the same image. Both of them are in the folder called Generated in the photoApps folder.

    In the browser mode, you only see the screen nail pics. You never will be able to view the original.

    that is why I am looking for a better photo viewer.
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    Has anyone found a better photo viewer than the stock viewer?
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    Here's my use case: A very large (11,000 x 4000) image that I want to zoom into, at least until I'm at a 1:1 pixel ratio, and frankly, even further. I've tried different image formats, and I've tried both the stock image viewing app *and* converting to pdf and using the Adobe reader. Neither will let me zoom in very far.

    Is there *any* app for the Touchpad that will let me zoom all the way in?
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    You might try installing the "imageview hi-res zoom" patch from Preware if it is available for the Touchpad (I don't have mine with me to check). There is a limit built in to the imageview control many apps use to display images.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I tried it, but it didn't work. Probably doesn't work on Enyo.
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    - there is 'hardcoded' limit in WebKit (webos' build) for huge images
    - most (if not all) apps use ImageView control (which uses WebKit for rendering) for displaying images; ImageView has hardcoded min/max zoomig values so it is unusable for your purposes

    You have (at least) 2 options: split huge image to series of smaller ones; or find someone willing to spend few days writing simple PDK application that will use SDL for rendering + SDL_Image for processing your huge image files

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