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    I have a Windows 7 PC that I have hooked to my TV.

    Are there any apps out there I can use so I can just sit on my couch and use my HP TouchPad as a wireless keyboard and mouse either thru bluetooth or my wireless network?

    I found this app called Touch Board Lite in Preware, but it's no longer functional.
    I suppose I could do it somehow thru VNC, but I'd rather not go that route.

    Thanks in advanced.
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    nope, nothing yet.

    I'm looking for this too, I have mobile mouse for my ipod touch and it's great, definitely want something similar for my touchpad. I've been doing linux research, hoping I can accomplish something like this through ubuntu chroot…
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    Does anyone know if such an application is difficult to make?
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    What about MousePad for touchpad? It's in the HP catalog.
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    1000 thanks. It must have been uploaded recently as it hasn't been mentioned around a lot. And it is cheap too (compared to the other apps around) I' m gonna buy it asap

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    Ha, I was just browsing through the catalog like 10 minutes ago and found that app. Watched the video for it, seems pretty smooth. Does it work through WiFI or Bluetooth?
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    Why not just use splashtop. Complete control over WiFi or internet. Especially if you got it free yesterday.
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    MousePad showed up within the last few days. It works very well. It's a bit barebones but does the job that I wanted.
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    I have used splashtop and mousepad for movies through my computer and I must say that mousepad is way better for things like this. Its just about as good as sitting right there at your computer. Splashtop is great but moving around the internet is easy but not nearly as simple as mousepad. I only use splashtop for when I'm either not in the same room as my computer or if my wife is watching t.v. And I want to watch hulu or projectfreetv movies and shows that I would need my computer for.
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    nice app this just replaced my wireless keyboard and mouse i just purchased LOL
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    I do nornuse splashtop because I do not have sound when using it and itis much more convenient to uee an always on keyboard than the splashtop one.

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    How can I configure MOUSEPAD?? Please help
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    Quote Originally Posted by wilson2ec View Post
    How can I configure MOUSEPAD?? Please help
    open the app, in the upper left hand corner click help. It gives you a link to go to on your desktop computer to install the software needed to pair with the touchpad over wifi.

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