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    I have a Verizon 4G MiFi device and thought it would allow me to use my TPad while in the wild. However I have yet to successfully get the TP on the network.

    MiFi device defitnitley works
    TP successfully connects to the network when I view the WiFi Preferences page, however I do get the following on my toolbar:
    A blue circle, with a WiFi logo in the center, and a message "Network Login Required, Tap to show Network Login"

    If I do tap, it opens a new window with the title of "Network Login" and the message " Unauthorized You are not authorized to view the requested page"

    Not sure if this is some sort of config problem, or maybe the TP can't work with MiFi devices??? Help please!
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    I have the 'old' 3G MiFi device and have used it on more than one occasion with my TouchPad. I'd suggest taking the MiFi and TP to the Verizon dealer to see what's up.
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    I'm using my TouchPad with a 3G mifi right now. Works great.
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    I have seen this message, but only when logging into a captured portal. Sounds like you need to take a closer look at your mifi setup.
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    I'm gonna guess here two 3g mifi working one 4g mifi not, possibly 4g not compatible with our WiFi?
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    successfully connected with 3G mifi - the blue network login icon would come up but i would just ignore it and internet connectivity still worked
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    Been using TP wth VZN LTE MiFi.

    Selected Network, provided Security type and Network key...

    Not sure what's up with your setup - maybe take them both into a VZN store and check it out with them (as suggested above).

    Good luck - when you get it connected, the speed with knock yer socks off!


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