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    Happy new touchpad owner here, wondering if anyone knows if there is an app similar to a google docs form that can be used as a signup sheet (name,phone,email etc). I have it working on google docs but need something that is not web based (internet not available for the event).
    Any suggestions?
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    You'd might be better off going to the Microsoft Office Template site and downloading a template for a sheet. See how it looks in Quickoffice.
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    there is a form-filling app in the catalog.
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    Cantaffordit- are you referring to "data manager" if so I tried it and it's not as simple as a form filler. I feel like I would have to show people how to use it which defeats the purpose.
    I did try some spreadsheets in excel but they do not format correctly.

    here is an example of what I'm looking for...

    Thanks for the suggestions so far
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    If it's not too much work, you (or someone knowledgeable) could easily throw something like that together with Ares (though I don't know if Ares apps are already TP compatible).

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