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    Quote Originally Posted by twiitar View Post
    Shouldn't it be possible to stream music you've put on your account?

    Tutorial: How to make your 50GB storage as a virtual drive and directly stream music to your Touchpad
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    Quote Originally Posted by gergev View Post
    I'm streaming Splashtop on an old spare dell xps m140 pentium m740 1.73GHz 1gb ram with attached usb external drive, controlling VLC player via the TP.

    Would Ampache use less ram/overhead?
    Yes. Almost willing to say it would be a significant difference
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    another vote for Ampache here. I had never set up any type of server before but it was pretty straightforward. I can stream to my Pre2, Touchpad, or my PC at work. It's great.
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    ampache for sure!
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