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    I constantly upswipe my ipad2...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mize View Post
    I constantly upswipe my ipad2...
    I subconsciously unswipe my wife too. If only...
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    I'm secretly afraid to switch to a new phone because of this, and the Touchpad is not helping. My Pre- has been chugging along for well over 2 years now. :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by aNYthing24 View Post
    I've only had the TouchPad for 2+ days but I tried swiping away an app on my Android phone already.
    Lol I did that the other day
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    gotta love the swipe be it on the Touchpad or pre phone.. quick easy,, and hard as hell to not do on other pieces of equipment.. its so damn easy..
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    that's ok last night I tried to "pinch and zoom" on my treo (palmOS), I frequently swipe on my son's ipad2 /iphone 4 and call for him asking "why isn't this thing working" and then I realize it's not webOS-tp or pre, to add to the confusion I tap instead of touch on both webOS and iOS . I favor tapping instead of touching.
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