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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamOWD View Post
    You must have never hunted for a Touchpad. Everyone knows that slogan.
    Clearly "everyone" doesn't. Why would I need to hunt for a touchpad. If i wanted one i'd have gone to Best Buy and bought one. Or Amazon. Or Walmart. Not that i have a clue where a Walmart is. But you get the point.
    You come at the king. You best not miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cashmonee View Post
    You're delusional. First, I believe I remember seeing that Apple slogan a while back. I could be wrong, but I am pretty sure I've heard it before. Second, Apple has enough cash on hand to buy hp outright. I highly doubt they are scared of hp and their discontinued hardware.
    And this is where reality and illusion blend. That is HP's slogan. You're already getting it mixed up?

    And people still are baffled. Apple, with all the money that they have. Still resorts to plagiarism to sell their product. That's a powerful message they're sending. And a negative one.

    The slogan is one of the most important things for a company to own. It's from their heart.

    That's like Burger King using, "I'm Lovin' it" to sell their burgers. It's simply Unacceptable.
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    If only Apple had quarterly earnings calls where they disclose the number of iPads sold.
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    Slogans are used by a company to aid to the advertising, publicity, promotion and marketing of their product.

    Apple must have come to the conclusion that HP's Touchpads outsold them at some point. Wait.

    Let's not be naive people. I've never seen iPads sell as fast as those Touchpads sold.

    Actually, I've never seen an iPad sold at all. Much less sold out. Apple needed to plagiarize the slogan to get help. And who's idea was this? Steve Jobs?

    So why did they do it?

    You don't see other cereal companies publicly marketing their product with a slogan stolen from somebody else.

    I'm pretty sure General Mills isn't saying, "Try our cereals, They're grrrreat!"
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    This link is an example of just how rare HP Touchpads now are. Behold.

    HP Touchpad 4G - 1.5GHz 32GB - New - Unlocked Any GSM Carrier - Extremely Rare | eBay

    Demand is high. Just like HP wants it. And the slogan is written ALL OVER the page.

    And Apple's only helping, the plagiarizers.
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    I don't see a trademark symbol on anything HP has for that phrase and the chance of them getting a trademark for "works like nothing else" is slim as you cannot trademark generic phrases. Anyone is free to legally say the exact same thing.

    But please continue. I find this quite entertaining. brb. I'm gonna brew coffee.
    You come at the king. You best not miss.
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    i'm tired. going to do something else. Later man. My coffee is ready.
    You come at the king. You best not miss.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DreamOWD View Post
    Touchpad sales hurt Apple's revenue and they KNOW it. WE know it, the whole world knows it!!!

    Are you serious? Apple has sold over 30M iPads, over 9M just in the last quarter alone. I doubt the Touchpad total sales of 800-900k put much of a dent there. LOL

    Otoh, feel free to ask RIM. They managed to beat their own low and only SHIPPED 200k Playbooks last quarter. I cant even imagine how few were actually sold.
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    the first thing people ask me when they see my touchpad is "is that an ipad?"

    anyone who thinks that apple doesnt dominate the tablet market is either delusional or in denial
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    This isn't the place to debate trademark law. This is also not the place to insult each other.

    <<thread cleaned and closed>>
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