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    I just bought another Touchpad off of Craigslist (32GB with a case for $200). The first two for me and one kid were new, but this one for the middle teen rugrat already had an account for a few weeks.

    I want to delete the former owner's account and the Help file says to look for "Remove an Account" in "Accounts," but that option does not appear.

    Of course, my son signed in with his account, no problem, but it's annoying to have the old one sitting there etc.

    Any idea how to get rid of it without the former owner's password? Thanks.
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    Do a secure full erase in the device info app.
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    Thanks, FenrirWolf. Dang!! What a dope I am!

    I was helping my son set things up and we just added an account, figuring there was a different way we'd learn from you guys later. I set him up with all the Homebrew stuff for a smokin' unit and he put on a bunch of music. I completely spaced this one out and didn't put 2 + 2 together. My Saturday/weekend mindset, I guess.

    Anyway, we're Secure Full Erasing right now. Shouldn't take me too long to Homebrew it to death, though, not that I've done it 3 times on a TP....nice problem to have.

    As they say 'round these parts, it's a "high-class problem"...
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    Ummm.....I think I might have made an even bigger boo-boo.

    Was I supposed to uninstall Preware and all the Homebrew apps and patches BEFORE doing the Secure Full Erase of the TP?! I figured the erase would take all of that off, too.

    After the Secure Full Erase was finished, my son created a new HP webOS account. I then installed Preware. Next, I started by trying to install the Uberkernal, but got an spooky error message. Then I noticed that lots of stuff seemed to be installed, but they were not showing up in the "Installed Packages" section of Preware.

    I got a bad feelin' about this. Please advise!! (Thanks for putting up with a webOS vet who should know better....)
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    doctor it I suggest.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FenrirWolf View Post
    Do a secure full erase in the device info app.
    if I overclocked my TP to 1.5GHz, will "secure full erase" erase preware, other apps & settings and bring my TP back to original condition (1.2GHz) ?
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    I am not sure, but I would uninstall every additional patch.
    even go into device management and remove everything
    and then do full erase secure
    if still no it

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