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    sorry if this issue has been answered already,

    my memory/ swap in govnah steadily rises with use untill the tPad tells me that i need to close windows in order to open a new one. the problem is that i have nothing open when this happens.

    as u can imagine with every program i use the tPAD gets slower and slower till i get this msg and must hard restart.

    anyway to fix this bugger other then a daily restart?
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    make sure when you close an app, don't just flip up, flip down and let the card bounce back instead
    if you just flip it up, some time it doesn't close the app, so it is still earring up your memory
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    You can also try JSTop app (preware).
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    Quote Originally Posted by noseph View Post
    You can also try JSTop app (preware).
    thanks i will try the flick down idea.

    i do have jstop. any particular setting that im missing. cuz other then the restart nothing seems to work
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    yes, click on jstop in the upper left corner and select 'enable auto GC' from the dropdown list
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    Nice app! I wish it would display in landscape mode!
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    nice name, btw, "pizdun"
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    alright so if i actually open like 20 windows my memory usssage goes up to like 950 megs and then stuff becomes reeeeeeal slow. if i swipe down to clean all the windows the memory ussage does go down to about 600megs.

    what bothers me is that right after a restart memory is at 350/375 and if i let it just sit there and do nothing it creeps up to 575/650.

    can anyone confirm that this is normal? what is ur memory swap/ when you tPad is idle?

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    Linux will tend to use all available memory for caching of things. So, yes, it is normal. When it needs memory, it will start releasing it from the cache.
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