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    I have cpu frequency set at 1.5 for both minimum and maximum. The tp runs very fast but I wonder whether minimum is set too high?
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    I kept 192 for minimum. Depends on how much battery life you want. I think that the system is smart enought to use more MHz when its needed.
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    the ONLY time I messed with the setting in govnah was to set my min freq to 432, which was the actual min since it said 192, but I changed it either way, I'm oc'ed to 1.7. I'm also set to noop, which basically means my CPU gives all it has for the task at hand, verses spreading things out to all things running, I hardly ever have multiple cards running at once, are you set to on-demand too? I think you should change the way your CPU uses its juice, if you want all cylinders firing all the time, set it to performance, but give it the standard 192 min freq to revert back to, when it doesnt need to be at 1.5. The devs of govnah set it to 192 for a reason, to not fry your cpu=}
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