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    Does anyone know how to be able to view comcast webmail on the touchpad? I can login to the account and see the EMAIL PREVIEW screen but when I click the VIEW ENTIRE INBOX, it goes back to preview. it must have something to do with the browser.. any ideas??
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    I think its a browser issue. I too have comcast mail. Im currently using the built in email client on the touchpad, it works really well. I know alot of websites isnt working properly on the touchpad, hopefully they will address this issues with a firmware fix.
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    Use the Comcast IMAP server with the TouchPad's native email client.
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    Quote Originally Posted by IICODECll View Post
    Use the Comcast IMAP server with the TouchPad's native email client.
    yes I know but the client is set up for me and my wife just wants to use webmail
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    I have to tell you - I have never hated a webmail client as much as I have Comcast. They have never solved my email webmail solution and as far as I know they never will. Their solution? I need to dump Outlook and depend on them. That will never happen. I can't view (reliably) my email on the server. I have an iPhone so it also downloads on the iPhone. There's that "external" mail too. It's there sometimes and sometimes not. Can you tell I don't get along with Comcast? I'm using Gmail for when I know I need the email to get to me.
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    I've opened up a problem ticket with Comcast about web access (e-mail, xfinity) from my Touchpad a couple of days ago. There's a reply in my inbox, but I can't get to it while I'm on the road.

    I'd suggest opening a ticket - the more disgruntled customers, the more they're likely to fix it.
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    i have comcast for 10 years.

    i hate their email service.. the webmail is nothing but ads everywhere. ad when you try to login, an ad when you get preview of inbox, an ad when you are in the inbox, an ad when you read email and to boot an ad when you logout.

    how does a billion dollar company need to plaster their customers with ads in web email?

    oh and they don't even support IMAP. yet how does google offer IMAP and PUSH mail for free?

    sorry for the rant but it's terrible email service.. i get tons of SPAM and their filters don't seem to do jack.

    your touchpad is doing you a favor by not allowing it to work!
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    you can set up a gmail account and tell gmail to funnel email back and forth from your comcast account. I do that with a godaddy account so gmail becomes the collecting point. She can use the browser to view there, and gmail will even route her replies or new messages as if they came from her comcast account...
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    I currently have Comcast. I've been with Roadrunner, Verizon, Comcast, Verizon FIOS, and back to Comcast due to moving around.
    I learned a long time ago to use Gmail. That way you aren't held hostage to an ISP's email service.

    In the meantime, you can still still send and receive your Comcast email, using gmail.

    How to Forward Your Comcast Mail to Gmail |

    After you get that working, my advice is to send out a broadcast email for everyone to use your gmail address.

    Their spam filters are great. There are some ads, but not very intrusive and doesn't slow down the interface. I wish Google was my ISP!

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